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Customer Reviews & Stories

"Excellent service. I recommend Canyon Meadows Auto to anyone who needs there vehicle repaired. They are honest and will let you know what is needed to repair your vehicle. They only do what is needed, very trustworthy people."

- Rob S. (Google)

"I trust and value their opinion when it comes to dealing with my car. Would highly recommend."

- Jarrod B. (Google)

"I've been going to Canyon Meadows auto for a number of years. Chad and his team always take care of me and the work is always completed in a timely and professional manner and is cost competitive. I highly recommend Canyon Meadows Auto."

- Nadine C. (Google)

"Very good experience . Friendly staff."

- Ms. Harshida J. (Google)

"I and my husband have come to thia garage onore than one occasion. They are nice, honest, up - front, fast...Good work, good work ethic. Just have nothing bad to say about these guys at all, and that's from a woman!"

- Catherine R. (Yelp)

"This is by far the best mechanic shop in the city and well worth the drive to get there. Chad and Noel are two of the nicest mechanics you will ever meet. Always courteous and kind and willing to do everything they can to help you out. As a woman I have had poor experiences in the past where you ask for a diagnostic test for them to not find anything wrong with your concern, a large bill and additional make believe other problems to take care off. These guys are honest, only tell you what you need and do diagnostic testing at little to no cost. Not to mention how incredibly fast they are with everything they do."

- N M. (Yelp)

"Amazing, These guys are so great, they are fast and you can't beat the price. They have fixed everything my Hummer has had problems with. Thank you guys so much"

- Kim Lee (Yelp)

"Noel and Chad are the best. We showed up (half way thru an Anchorage, AK to Lincoln, NE Roadtrip) on their doorstep when the shop opened with an overheating problem on a 2004 Subaru Outback. Within an hour our car had a diagnosis and plan for how to fix it including the cost. New water pump and timing belt as well as a courtesy safety inspection and we were back on the road by 2:30pm. We couldn't have had better service. Thanks guys! PS: They even gave us a ride to the mall while they fixed our car."

- Jeana H. (Yelp)

"I submitted my SAAB for electrical issues to which I had very little to no progress with at 3 other shops. They were upfront and honest about the repairs and kept me in the loop about diagnosis, and solution options. They fixed the issues I had ongoing for nearly 4 years. You will likely see repeat comments from their clients on the premise of the honesty you will experience; a true reflection in their communication and pricing. Highly recommend this business to anyone."

- T H. (Yelp)

"What a terrific group of guys. Very helpful and efficient in caring for our vehicle. They are down to earth and they only advise you to do the service work that is necessary, not extras to get the service costs up! Canyon Meadows Auto Service is a place you may feel confident your are getting value for your investment."

- Nancy I. (Yelp)

"Hello: I just want to say thank you to Canyon meadows Auto Service, specially to their Service advisor Mr: Noel Balger for saving the day for my friends and I today... we were having some dragging problems with my van vehicle due to the harsh weather we have been having... But even though the auto service were busy...Mr Noel Balger and the mechanic were wonderful, and made room for us to look at my van and took the time to fix the problem in such a short time professionally and efficiently and thus made it possible for me and my friends to drive my vehicle safely today . we definitely recommend this auto service. and Mr Noel thank you again, for all your valuable help: much from me and the girls."

- Lorena D. (Yelp)

"We had been having troubles with various lights burning out on our vehicle and had been frustrated with 2 different Nissan dealerships. In bot cases we ended up with more lights to replace. I checked online reviews and several recommended Canyon Meadows Auto Service. The figured out the problem with the right headlight and fix the wiring. The bulb itself was fine, however they explained the last place hadn't connected the bulb properly! I also had an oil change done. The service was excellent and the rates are very reasonable. Will definitely come back here."

- James William White (Google+)

"Being a Journeyman Mechanic all my life it takes a lot to impress me and these guys have done it. Canyon Meadows Auto Service owner and staff have reached the limit when it comes to honesty, service and first class work. ''PERFECTION" is hard to achieve and they have done it. My only regret is that I did not find you when I first retired. Thank you for everything. Oh by the way I am here to stay. Perfect as usual."

- Judie Roberts (Google+)

"Canyon Meadows Auto is the only place I ever take our vehicles. They always provide amazing customer service. They are honest and easy to deal with and I always leave happy. I would highly recommend them to anyone."

- Catherine McVeigh (Google+)

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